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Quarantime Blog Entry

So... How about that Coronavirus huh? Boy did that suck. I caught it earlier in April and I got off kinda light, I was pretty sick for about a week, and took another week plus some to recover. Unfortunately my mom caught it from me somewhere around week 2 of me being at home. She didn't get off so light and had to go to the hospital once for her fever. Pretty scary. Thankfully she was in and out and there was no need for a ventilator or anything crazy. They sent her home with a few medications and a nifty device to simplify use of her inhaler. I've been home taking care of her and she is finally in a spot where I'm comfortable going to work or leaving the house (for essential reasons) and leaving her alone.

I'm built for quarantine as a couch potato introvert and during this time inside, I've gotta say I haven't been very productive. While I was sick it physically hurt me to look at my phone or laptop. They don't tell you about the headache symptom, and let me tell ya that one was a bitch. Even in the weeks after that it was all about sleeping and trying to make sure my mom was good. Most of my time has been spent binging the entirety of Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel with her (with sprinklings of The Office and talk of Game of Thrones). My natural reaction to not being productive or "wasting" this down time is to be hard on myself. When will I ever get this opportunity for self improvement and strengthening my business again?? But fuck that. My body needed rest. My mind needed rest. We are in survival mode right now and you shouldn't feel guilty about however you (or your body) choose to cope. Sleeping tons? Great! Watching lots of TV? Me too!! Redoing your garden? You go girl!! Learning new recipes?? Bring me soooommee!! This shit is unprecedented in our life time so let's just be nice to each other and try to avoid mass graves.

In the last few days I managed to clean a little bit, get outside (masked), and I did manage to try my hand at some self portraits!! Some positives I'm going to take from this are: rest time for my body and mind (sorta), quality time with Zack and my mom, increased puppy snuggle time, time to watch my favorite shows from start to finish in a marathon fashion, and having wonderful family and friends. So... the aforementioned photos! Let me know what you think! And if it tickles your fancy drop some things you're grateful for right now!


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