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Jacquie and Tyler - A Maternity Quest

Last weekend I photographed a cute growing family for one of my oldest friends! Studio: my home!!

This is my first time blogging! Am I doing this right?

Let me start by telling you a little about the Quest!! Jacquie and I have been friends for an eternity and I was super stoked to be able to capture her second baby preparing to join the world. We had been holding off on choosing a date because we were envisioning a dreamy snowy session with cuddly blankets and hella contrast. But.... Mother Nature has been very sad lately and did not feel like snowing. Who could blame her?

All was not lost! I was sitting at home thinking about their session and realized my house actually has some super cool spots to use for photos! Boom! Alternate plan developed!

I really love the way these turned out and I'm super glad I discovered my home as an alternate bad weather location! Though in this case it was a good weather location! Enough of my yammering. More photos!!

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