About ME

Well hi there! I'm glad you're here!!


 Little bit about me! I got my first camera at 13 but I've always been OBSESSED with taking photos. Early on in my life I lost my grandpa and realized how important photos are. They remain to tell your story when everything else is gone. 

I'm calling my sessions spells, because honey we're gonna make magick! Also, I promise not to talk like that all of our time together!

          I eloped myself, so I'm familiar with the different needs eloping couples have. 

          I am equally as passionate about in home photos and just beacuse sessions as I am about sessions to catch those big moments. It's the little moments that make us and end up meaning the most. 

  • Obsessed with Game Of Thrones, Supernatural, Buffy, The Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor, etc.

  • Netflix

  • Tacos (homemade)

  • Dog mom to a sassy mutt named Winston

  • True Crime

  • Adventurous

  • But like, also a couch potato.

  • Sailor mouth (#SorryNotSorry #I’llDialItBackForTheKids #ApparentParenteticalEnthusiast).

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